Placing an Image in Text

Drop shadow landscape


Firstly, I had found a landscape image and opened it in Adobe Photoshop. After I had loaded I then added a new layer and added text using the type tool. I then went onto change the font, colour and size of the text and changed it to bold. After I had wrote the text that I needed to write I then went onto rasterise the layer so that it went from a text layer to a normal layer I had to put my moused between the two layers in the layers and pressed option. After that the mouse had changed to a different icon and I clicked onto it. After I had clicked once the picture contained the photos but at the shape of the text.


URL Resources –

I went onto the grading system and I will be using my understanding, skills and  Knowledge of Adobe Photoshop to apply awareness, imagination, creativity and skills that I have learnt to my final Project Connect Poster.


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